What are the Benefits of the Flight Simulator?

 We all know that aspiring pilots feel awesome when they control the wheel of an airplane physically, but in order to train them safely, the flight simulator is used as the best way to let them have a sense of how it feels to fly an airplane. Now a day, the flying school uses numerous flight simulator products and programs to train the pilot students. These flying simulators are updated with the current time and advanced in technology and are available in both software development and screen technology.

Modernflight has suggested several benefits of learning to fly an airplane with the help of simulators, some of them are as follows:

1.   Inexpensive Solution

Learning to fly with the help of flying simulators is a much cheaper solution than flying an airplane physically. Because when you fly an airplane physically, it includes typical costs like Fuel, maintenance, insurance, and Flight instructor’s fee, but on the other hand, with the help of a flying simulator, you cut out these overhead costs and learn the flying without carrying a financial pressure of such costs.

2.   Secured way to learn flying

You are safe while learning to fly an airplane only if you are flying with a certified flight instructor, but during private pilot training using a flight simulator, you are closer to the ground and feel safe naturally. Simulators give you the chance to learn and experiment with aircraft controls and flight methods from the safety of the ground. It builds up your confidence in flying without being worry about any mistake in flying the airplane that may lead to any physical harm to you and apart from it, you will be more comfortable in learning the flying by following the instructions.

3.   Recreate Navigational Scenarios

Flight Simulators used in online pilot classes have the facility to recreate the situations through which the pilot students have failed so that they could improve their navigational abilities under both Visual Flight Rules (VFR) & Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). Recreation of the scenario helps the student to get trained for any situation as if they are in the problem and they have to think for the solution. Moreover, if a new flight is to be introduced in any country, or flight school, the pilots are trained for that new airplane on the simulators before its arrival. They create the scenario within the software and use the simulator to train the pilot students during online pilot training for the complete route ahead of time.

Additionally, during the flight training using the simulator, the pilot students are more comfortable in controlling the flight than the actual control of the flight. Because the pilot students have an option to reset the route and start over without any ill consequences if they communicate wrong about the routes or the coordinates with the Air Traffic Control (ATC).

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